Vomit & Diarrhea

Pets may occasionally vomit or have diarrhea, due to eating garbage things found outdoors. Even a change in their normal food can cause gastrointestinal upsets. However, sometimes, these symptoms signal a more serious illness that should be investigated by a qualified veterinarian. At PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals in Memphis, TN, we offer diagnosis and effective treatment of vomiting and diarrhea in pets.


Why Your Dog or Cat May Vomit

Contaminated foods taken from the garbage or outdoor areas can cause a bout of vomiting. Intestinal parasites can also make pets vomit. Infectious diseases like parvovirus or canine flu can cause vomiting. Cats frequently vomit up hairballs accumulated in their stomachs from grooming themselves. But vomiting can also be a symptom of more serious conditions, like diabetes, liver disorders or cancer. Ingestion of poisons can also cause frequent vomiting and other symptoms.

Why Dogs and Cats Get Diarrhea

Most cases of diarrhea in pets are self-limiting and disappear if you withhold food for a few hours, to allow the intestines time to rest. Water should be available for the pet to prevent dehydration that can occur from vomiting and diarrhea. However, when diarrhea is frequent or continuous, you should bring your pet into the vet to determine the cause of the problem. Diarrhea can be caused by intestinal parasites, infectious diseases, and metabolic problems, disorders of the internal organs or cancer. Heatstroke can also cause diarrhea.

Diagnosis & Treatment of Gastrointestinal Upsets

Your veterinarian will give your pet a thorough physical exam to determine the animal’s condition by taking its temperature, listening to the heart and lungs for any abnormalities. Fecal tests can detect signs of parasites or infection in the gastrointestinal tract. Blood tests can provide information about other problems that may cause symptoms. Once the vet finds the source of the problem, medications can be provided to eliminate infection or parasites. Further tests may be needed to determine if other health problems are at fault. IV fluids may be administered to provide hydration.

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The veterinarians and staff at PetVax Complete Care Centers are committed to providing high quality, compassionate care for all their patients in Memphis, Cordova and Bartlett. With six locations in the Memphis area, we provide a range of services such as wellness care, preventative care, diagnostics, surgery, senior pet care, microchipping, and boarding. We also treat birds and exotic animals. Call PetVax Complete Care Centers today, at 901-65403110 for an appointment. Learn about effective treatments for vomiting and diarrhea that can help your pet get back to health at PetVax Complete Care Centers.



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