At PetVax Complete Care Centers, our veterinarian in Germantown, Shelby County and East Memphis wants area residents to know that we offer a wide range of affordable pet care services. With the exception of declaw and spay/neuter surgeries (which are available by appointment), we offer walk-in veterinary services for maximum convenience.


Our Memphis Veterinary Services:

  • Complete Sick Pet & Well Pet Care - From preventative medicine to illness or injury treatment, PetVax Complete Care Centers is there to help. Pet wellness evaluations help keep your pet healthy, while our first aid, prescriptions and other treatments help sick pets get well soon.
  • Vaccination Packages - Our vaccination packages include those all-important core vaccinations to protect your pet against deadly diseases. Our Memphis area veterinarian will also administer booster shots to prevent that protection from weakening.
  • Routine and Emergency Surgeries - Our state-of-the-art surgery centers perform a wide range of procedures, from routine spay/neuter and de-claw services to major internal and orthopedic operations.
  • Dental Care - Every pet requires dental checkups and cleanings under anesthesia to fight the onslaught of bacteria-driven periodontal disease. We can extract a painful or diseased tooth to eliminate discomfort and protect other teeth. We also administer dental x-rays and inspect the oral cavity for signs of cancer.
  • Geriatric Care - Older pets require extra care for those age-related ailments. Our veterinarian in Germantown offers aemi-annual evaluations for senior pets as well as treatment for chronic pain, organ failure, diabetes, hypertension and other conditions.
  • Digital Radiography - Digital radiography produces sharper, more detailed images than traditional film-based x-rays, with less radiation exposure and no waiting for film development.
  • Digital Diagnostic Imaging/Ultrasound - Advanced digital imaging techniques such as ultrasound allow us to view all kinds of internal tissues in real time. This greatly improves our ability to provide accurate, affordable veterinary care.
  • Lab Services - We provide complete blood work and chemistry analysis to detect any diseases as early as possible so we can provide prompt treatment.
  • In-Clinic Pharmacy - Our walk-in veterinary services include our own in-clinic pharmacy. This ensures that your pet receives the medicines he needs as quickly, accurately and efficiently as possible.
  • Laser Therapy - Laser therapy is a soothing technique for relieving pain and inflammation without drugs. The laser harmlessly penetrates the skin to stimulate soft tissue healing and relieve chronic joint problems.
  • Pet Boarding - If you worry whenever you're separated from your pet, schedule pet boarding at PetVax Complete Care Centers. We make sure our guests are comfortable, happy and well cared for, tending to any special medical needs they may have.
  • Avian & Exotic Animal Veterinary Service - Dr. David Hannon has over 15 years of experience in avian and exotic pet practice. At AEAVS, in partnership with PetVax, we know that your pets are part of your family and you want the best care possible for them. Learn more about this service by visiting

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