Pet Medical Services

If you are a new cat or dog owner, your responsibilities including keeping your new pet healthy. PetVax Complete Care Centers in Memphis, Cordova, and Bartlett provide a variety of pet services that will assist in fulfilling this accomplishment. Here are some services our veterinary practice provides to help keep your pet safe and healthy.

Pet Medical Services

Routine Well-Visits

It is important to bring your cat or dog to our practice at least yearly so that they are checked over in detail to determine whether there is a need for medical treatment of any kind. Our vet will examine your pet from nose to tail, evaluating each portion of the body for ailments that require intervention. During well-visits, your pet's weight will be noted and if there is a need for dietary changes, our vet will make recommendations to keep your pet on track with growth or weight loss if necessary.


Vaccinations will protect your dog or cat from medical difficulties such as diseases or medical conditions that cause distress. Our veterinarian will provide information to you about mandatory vaccinations and those that you have the option to have administered so you can make choices regarding which ones you want your pet to receive. Some vaccinations are required each year so your pet has complete protection against particular conditions or diseases. Our veterinarian will discuss the importance of each type with you and will go over possible side effects as well.

Preventative Actions

In addition to vaccinations, there are other preventative measures you can take to keep your pet protected. These include spaying or neutering, microchipping, and parasite prevention. Each of these tactics will help to keep your pet as safe as possible, and they can be performed in the comfort of our office. Our vet will provide you with information about each of these services so you can decide when to have them conducted for your own pet.

Emergency Services

If your pet becomes ill or hurt, getting fast help is a must. Our veterinarian is available to handle all types of emergencies from poisoning to fast surgical procedures when needed. Give our practice a call to alert our veterinary workers about the problem at hand so that they will be ready for your pet's arrival. If necessary, our vet will give you instructions over the phone about the caring of your pet before it is seen by our practitioner.

PetVax Complete Care Centers services those living in the Memphis, Cordova, and Bartlett areas. If your pet requires veterinary care, give our office a call at (901) 654-3110 to find out more about the services we provide or to schedule an appointment for your cat or dog.

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