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Just as people do, pets are prone to getting sick as well. Most people consider their pets to be a member of their family and want to find high-quality care for their pets. This starts with figuring out why the pet illness has developed in the first place. The dedicated team from PetVax Complete Care Centers is here to help the families in the Cordova, Memphis, and Bartlett areas with all of their pet illness needs. Everyone deserves to have access to veterinarians with urgent care and emergency pet care capabilities. These illnesses can come in many forms.


The Vomiting Pet

One of the most common illnesses that we see is the pet who comes in vomiting. A pet can be vomiting for several different reasons. Sometimes, the pet has gotten into something poisonous, think about a dog that eats chocolate. In other situations, the pet might have developed a GI bug of some sort that might have been from something else that he or she got into. We have the necessary tools to figure out why the pet is vomiting and put a stop to it.

Skin and Soft Tissue Infections

We know pets like to play and roughhouse from time to time, particularly in the outdoors. When pets get scrapes or are cut up, they are prone to developing infections on the surface of their skin. Sometimes, these can grow to an enormous size and can pose serious problems to the health of a pet. Our dedicated team can remove these infections and can get your pet feeling better in no time.

Seizures in the Pet

There are also more serious issues that we have to deal with and one of these is seizures. When a pet has a seizure, it is normal for pet owners to become worried and anxious. Seizures develop when the neurons in the brain start to fire uncontrollably. These seizures can develop due to an infection, a tumor, or even an issue with the electrolytes. We have the tools necessary to figure out why the seizures and developing and will treat your pet with the care and compassion that he or she deserves.

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The dedicated team at PetVax Complete Care Centers is here for the citizens of Memphis, Cordova, and Bartlett to help with all of their urgent care. We are here to help you and your pet with all healthcare needs. Please call us today to make an appointment with a member of our team! We are here to serve you!

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