Pet Eye Infections FAQs

Pet eye infections can arise quickly and cause dogs or cats to suffer from a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. Because of this, it is best to contact PetVax Complete Care Centers if you live in the Memphis, Cordova, and Bartlett areas to meet with our veterinarian if an eye infection is causing havoc for your pet. Here are the answers to some FAQs about Pet Eye Infections to read over so you have a better understanding of the symptoms these infections cause, the reasons why they happen, and treatment options available.


What Are the Symptoms of a Pet Eye Infection?

Most people notice when their pets’ eyes look cloudy or discolored. Your pets may blink their eyes constantly or keep their eyes closed if they are dealing with excessive pain. Your pets may not walk as quickly or appear to stagger if they are unable to see due to an eye infection. You may also notice your pets trying to scratch or rub their eyes with a paw.

Why Do Eye Infections Occur in Pets?

Most pet eye infections are caused by an initial injury. If the injury is not looked at by a medical professional, an infection can quickly develop. While it is important to remove eye discharge from an infection, it is best to refrain from wiping a pet's eye and then using the same piece of cloth to wipe the other eye.

How Can An Eye Infection Be Treated?

Seeking help from our veterinarian is the best way to treat an eye infection if your pet is suffering from one. Our practitioner will conduct a medical evaluation of your pet to determine the reason for the infection and then treat it as needed. The infection itself will most likely require the use of eye drops. These medicated drops will stop the spread of an infection, minimize pain, and help to treat the problem quickly so your pet does not continue to suffer.

Contact PetVax Complete Care Centers if you have additional questions about your pet’s eye infection. Our veterinarian serves pets located in Memphis, Cordova, and Barlett. Reach out to our practice by giving us a call at 901-654-3110 for more information.

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