Pet Eye Infections

There are many ways for your pet to sustain an eye infection. Eye infections can bring discomfort and pain to your pet and may cause vision loss. For effective pet eye infection treatment, contact our veterinarians at PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals in Memphis, Bartlett, and Cordova. Read over the following symptoms of a pet eye infection and learn how vet care can help.

Pet Eye Infections

The Signs of an Eye Infection

A pet suffering from an eye infection will usually have visible signs that could indicate that there is a problem. An infected eye will usually have a discharge present. This could be watery or cloudy in appearance. If the discharge is not wiped away, it will harden around the eye. This crusty substance will make it difficult for your pet to keep its eye open all the way. The pain associated with an eye infection will also cause a pet to blink or keep his or her eye in a squinting position. Your pet may attempt to scratch at his or her eye with a paw to stop any discomfort it is experiencing. This could cause a further injury to the eye.

How to Keep Your Pet Comfortable If It Has an Eye Infection

It is important to check the eye if you believe your pet has an infection. Look into your pet's eye to see if there is a visible scratch present on the cornea. If you do notice an injury, contact our veterinarians for an appointment so that treatment can be administered to your pet. Clean around your pet's eye daily using a clean piece of dampened cloth. Do not use the same piece of cloth on both of your pet's eyes, as this could spread the infection from one eye to the other.

What Our Veterinarians Can Do To Help Your Pet

Our veterinarians will take a look at your pet's eye to see if there is an injury that needs to be addressed. If your pet has a foreign body present in the eye, our veterinarians will be able to remove it so that the eye can heal properly. If the eye was scratched, medication may be used to help speed along the healing process. This is usually administered in the form of an eye drop. Our veterinarians will go over the instructions with you about the frequency and amount of liquid to use during each dosage. A subsequent appointment is recommended to check that the medication worked properly.

Contact PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals if your pet is dealing with an eye infection. With 6 locations in Memphis, Bartlett, and Cordova, our veterinarians are ready to assist you and your pet. We want to make sure that your pet is in his or her best health throughout his or her life. To schedule an appointment, call us at 901-654-3110 or contact us thru our website.



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