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It's easy to forget about your pet's skin when that skin is covered by a blanket of fur, but out of sight shouldn't mean out of mind. Pets are just as vulnerable to skin trouble as humans, especially if they spend lots of time outdoors where they're exposed to pests and environmental irritants. Even the most pampered indoor animals can suffer from allergic reactions and other skin issues. That's why PetVax Complete Care Centers offers comprehensive pet dermatology services for Memphis, Cordova, and Bartlett, TN.


Common Causes of Skin Irritation and Disease

There are many different reasons that your pet might develop an ugly rash, alopecia (hair loss), or other skin problems. Some of the most common causes of skin irritation and disease in pets include:

  • Biting pests - Fleas, ticks and mites can cause persistent itching and irritation. Many pets are also allergic to the saliva in flea bites. Mites are infamous for causing a condition known as mange.
  • Bacterial infection - An open wound can become filled with bacteria, creating a serious infection. Your pet may even cause this wound himself by scratching or licking at a flea bite or other source of skin irritation.
  • Ringworm - Ringworm is a fungal infection that causes ring-shaped patches of hair loss and crusty-looking skin.
  • Environmental allergens - A variety of environmental allergens can give your pet a rash or other unpleasant skin symptoms. Perfumes, smoke, industrial fumes, poison ivy, and poison oak are just a few examples.
  • Food allergies - While some food allergies cause digestive disturbances and respiratory symptoms, many of them can create skin symptoms such as hives.

Our Caring Practitioners Can Help Your Pet

Trust our caring practitioners at PetVax to isolate the cause of your pet's skin condition and provide the necessary remedies. We can treat bacterial or fungal infections with medications to wipe out the invading organisms. Antihistamines or corticosteroids can bring swift relief for acute allergy symptoms, while allergy testing can help us determine whether your pet might benefit from dietary or environmental changes. Pest infestations can be removed with medicated shampoos and an ongoing program of preventative medications to keep those pests away from your pet's skin.

Bring Your Pet Dermatology Needs to PetVax Complete Care Centers

Don't let your pet suffer from skin issues when he can get the help he needs in Memphis, Cordova, and Bartlett. Call 901-654-3110 today to schedule an evaluation so we can administer the right pet dermatology services to help him feel better!

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