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PetVax Provides Vet Care Services for Raines

Providing veterinary care for your pet doesn’t have to break the family budget. Simple measures like regular vet visits and vaccinations can help to avoid many pet health problems. PetVax Affordable Pet Hospitals can offer a wide range of veterinary care that fits your budget, to ensure your cherished pet has the care he or she deserves.

Preventative Care Services

Wellness visits are a good way to ensure your pet avoids a variety of common problems that can affect health. Scheduled vaccinations provide immunization against diseases that can make your pet very sick or even cause death. Spay and neuter surgery is also available. Heartworm and other internal parasite prevention methods ensure continued good health. Flea and tick control prevents infestation of your home and the spread of serious tick-borne diseases. And periodic blood tests can detect changes in your pet’s body that can indicate the need for treatment that will help your pet to live a longer, healthier life.

Sick Animal Care

Your Raines veterinarian can also help when your pet suddenly becomes ill with respiratory problems, ear infections, gastrointestinal distress or other issues. We also offer urgent care and emergency care when your pet has an accident or suddenly becomes sick.

Diagnostic Services

We can also provide diagnostic services when your pet is ill or injured to determine the source of the problem and provide prompt care. We can provide x-rays, ultrasound, blood testing and fecal tests to help your pet get better quickly.

Care For All Stages of Your Pet’s Life

We provide puppy and kitten wellness care to ensure your new pet stays healthy during those vulnerable early months. As your pet ages, we can ensure that he or she is checked for common health problems that can impact health. In the senior years, pets need special care, and we ensure that older animals receive the intensive monitoring they need to stay healthy and active.

Boarding For Your Pet

When you need to be away, PetVax can ensure that your pet has care he or she needs during your absence. We provide appropriate feeding, exercise and monitoring, even if your pet has health problems that require medication or special treatment. We know how important your pet is to you and treat all our charges like part of our veterinary family.

Make PetVax Your Veterinarian

The veterinarians and staff at PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals understand that veterinary care for your beloved pet can be expensive. That’s why we offer a broad range of services and preventative care packages to ensure pets have everything they need to remain healthy. Call PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals today at 901-654-3110 for an appointment to have your pet checked and to learn more about the many veterinary services available to keep your pet healthy at every age.

PetVax Raines Affordable Care Centers is a "FULL SERVICE HOSPITAL" proudly serving South-East Memphis. Our Raines Road clinic is located at the intersection of Raines Rd and Kirby.

We provide services for the following:

  • Well Pet Care
  • Sick Pet Care
  • Geriatric Care
  • Vaccinations
  • Spay, Neuter, & Declaw Surgeries
  • Dental Exams & Cleaning
  • Digital Radiograph
  • Complete Bloodwork and Chemistry Analysis
  • In Clinic Pharmacy
  • Flea/Tick Preventative Medicines
  • Heartworm Preventative Medicines
  • Prescription Diets
  • Boarding

No Appointment Necessary

In order to better serve you, we accept walk in patients each day at all of our locations. We realize that your schedule is hectic and we want to make it as convenient for you as possible. Appointments are taken for Surgery days at each location in order to ensure availability.

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