Lameness & Limping

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Treatment for Lameness and Limping

Many pet owners contact us because they notice their pet is limping. Limping is a common issue that affects dogs and cats. One of the first questions our veterinarians will ask is whether this has suddenly developed or the pet has been limping for a while. This will help us determine whether the lameness is a result of an injury or an underlying health condition.

Long-term Limping

In the case of a dog, progressively worsening lameness and limping can be a sign of hip dysplasia, especially if the dog is a large breed like a Doberman, Rottweiler, Golden Retriever, or Labrador Retriever. These larger breeds have a genetic disposition to the degenerative joint condition. For cats and dogs, prolonged limping can also be an indicator of bone cancer, arthritis, Lyme disease, or intervertebral disc disease, which is similar to a slipped disc in humans.

Sudden Onset Limping

If the dog or cat was fine in the morning but suddenly started limping one day, most likely the pet has suffered an injury. Some injuries like cuts, fight wounds, or paw pads embedded with glass or thorns can be apparent. However, some injuries are more subtle and require a keen eye to detect the source of the problem. Our veterinarians will provide a thorough examination to determine the cause of the limp.

If swelling and redness develop, the cause may be a sprain or a fracture. Depending on the severity and location, a broken bone will render the dog or cat unable to walk and yelping with pain. In either case, whether long-term or sudden onset, lameness and limping require a trip to the veterinarian’s office to make sure the animal recovers quickly and receives treatment for pain if it is needed.

Veterinary Care at PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals

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