Itchy Skin & Ear infection

Treating Pet Skin and Ear Infections

At any given time, your pets can experience an ear or skin infection, and can make it uncomfortable for them. Fortunately, these infections can be treated with medications. If your pets are experiencing symptoms of itchiness, swelling, scaly skin, redness, discharge from the ear, or are excessively scratching the skin or ear, have our veterinarians at PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals examine them and administer treatment. While we are located in Memphis, Cordova, and Bartlett, we are happy to serve the surrounding areas. Let’s take a look at pet skin and ear infections, and how our doctors can treat them.

Treating Pet Skin and Ear Infections

What Causes Pet Skin and Ear Infections?

Ear and skin infections can originate from many places. These conditions can lead to severe reactions and may bring about painful developments. It is important to have a veterinarian inspect the condition before it gets worse. Let's take a look at some of the most common causes.

For ear infections:
      • Bacteria
      • Yeast infections
      • Viruses
      • Foreign bodies
      • Accumulation of wax
      • Injuries
      • Cleaning the ears excessively
      • Sinus infection
      • Colds
      • Allergies
For skin infections:
      • Mange
      • Yeast infections
      • Mites
      • Bacteria
      • Allergies
      • Parasites 

How We Treat These Infections

Our veterinarians will clean your pets’ ears thoroughly and prescribe a medication to help alleviate symptoms. They may prescribe Tramadol or a steroid medicine. This can help resolve your pets’ ear condition in 10 to 30 days if applied appropriately. There are antibiotics and skin ointments that can be given to your pets if they are experiencing a skin infection. These treatments are meant to help resolve bacterial infections that are slowly spreading. It can take 2-4 weeks in order for your pets’ skin to begin healing properly, and to grow hair in infected areas once again. For other conditions to ear or skin, our veterinarians can go over with you other available treatments.

Our Veterinarians in Memphis, Cordova, and Bartlett Are Here for You and Your Pet

At PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals, serving Memphis, Cordova, Bartlett, and surrounding areas, we are here to provide the highest quality of veterinary services for your pets to help remedy their medical conditions. With the use of modern technology and treatment, your pets will feel better in no time. Be sure to give our animal a call today at (901) 654-3110 to schedule an appointment with our experienced and professional veterinarians.

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