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PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals Offer Parasite Prevention Services in Memphis, TN

The summer months are prime flea and tick season, and also a time when pets are likely to spend more time outdoors. This confluence of events can result in parasite infestations that make your pet miserable and can even lead to serious illness. PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals in Memphis, TN can provide prevention products and treatments so you can avoid these costly encounters with outdoor parasites.

Dog scratching due to fleas and ticksParasite Prevention Keeps Your Pet Healthy and Lowers Vet Expenses

Your pet can easily become a host for fleas, simply by being outside where these pests are present. Fleas can hop onto the animal, transporting fleas into your home where they feed on the blood of your pet, as well as humans in the household. The insects can then infest your carpeting and upholstery. Fleas can cause severe itching and skin problems in your pet. Some animals are allergic to flea bites, which can cause additional problems. Ticks can attach themselves to your pet, and can transmit serious infections, such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and other diseases. These problems can be expensive to treat, so prevention makes sense for a variety of reasons.

Type of Flea & Tick Prevention

Pet owners can choose from a wide array of flea and tick prevention products. Powders and sprays are available that require regular re-application to prevent infestation. Spot-on treatments must be re-applied monthly to continue protection. Oral medications are available that repel fleas and ticks. In addition, injectable forms of parasite prevention are also available from your veterinarian that last as long as six months.

Veterinarians Offer Prevention and Treatment When Infestation Occurs

When an infestation occurs, your Memphis veterinarians can provide flea treatment to help pet owners eliminate fleas from their pets and their homes. They can also offer ongoing treatment for Lyme disease and other veterinary health problems. However, prevention efforts are still the best way to avoid these issues. Your vet can offer advice on the best type of product for your pet’s unique needs.

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