Blood Pressure For Pets

Our Veterinarian at PetVax in Memphis, TN Explains Blood Pressure for Pets

Many people do not realize that a dog or cat's blood pressure level needs to be monitored yearly or when there is a reason to believe there is a problem that could cause a health risk. Just as with people, Blood Pressure causes difficulties in the body when it rises to an elevated level. It is best to call PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals in Memphis to meet with our veterinary staff if you fear your pet's blood pressure is high. Here is some information about blood pressure to look over so you understand why monitoring your pet's levels are an important task.

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Why Is It Crucial To Consider High Blood Pressure In Pets?

Pets cannot voice their concerns, making it difficult to determine when they are not in tip-top shape if they are not showing symptoms of a medical problem. In people, high blood pressure can occur without a medical condition. It is often the result of eating foods high in fat and salt or refraining from exercising. In pets, high blood pressure does indicate an underlying medical problem is present. If your pet's blood pressure rises, a veterinarian will pinpoint the reasoning so your pet receives proper treatment.

What Happens If Help Is Not Obtained?

If your pet suffers from high blood pressure, the blood in their body is having difficulty moving through veins as necessary. The restriction of blood vessels makes it difficult for blood to flow to needed parts of the body. This can lead to further problems if blood pressure is not lowered. The organs of your pet can shut down. The eyes are usually affected by high blood pressure if it continues to be a problem for a long duration of time. This could lead to blindness in your pet.

How Can A Veterinarian Help?

Our veterinarian will run tests to determine the exact level of blood pressure your pet is holding currently. They will make recommendations regarding medications that can help to reduce the level as well as lifestyle changes that can assist in bringing the level back within a safe range. Subsequent monitoring will be needed to determine if your pet is responding to treatment as needed and the plan will be tweaked if necessary.

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If you fear your pet is suffering from high Blood Pressure or if it is time for a routine exam, contact our veterinarian to check your pet's blood pressure and make an appointment for an exam. Petal Affordable Care Hospitals is conveniently located in Memphis and our veterinary team can be reached at (901) 654-3110.

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