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Posted on 06-21-2017

Puppy Vaccination Guide for New Pet Owners

You've got a new puppy, congratulations! As a new owner, your first job is to make sure your furry friend has a happy and healthy life, and that includes regular pet wellness checkups. At PetVax, our first-year pet examinations all include your puppy's necessary vaccinations to help keep it free from disease. Your pet will need a series of vaccines to build up its immunity, which we'll spread out over the coming year.puppy vaccination guide from your veterinarian in memphis

Memphis Veterinarian Discusses Puppy Vaccination

A vaccine is a mixture of chemicals designed to encourage a body to build up a natural immunity against a certain disease. Puppies take on the immunity from their mothers, but that wears off after they're weaned. Just about that time, at six or eight weeks of age, is when you should bring your puppy in for its first exam and vaccinations. Our Memphis veterinarian will begin with its first round, which will be followed by three more spread out over the next ten to twelve months.

Types of Vaccines

Dog vaccines come in two varieties: core and non-core. The core vaccines are those that every dog gets, such as rabies, distemper, and parvovirus. Non-core vaccines are those only needed depending on your pet's environment and lifestyle. For instance, if your puppy will spend a lot of time in kennels or dog parks, we'll want to immunize it against Bordetella, or a kennel cough. If you've got a lot of woods and brush on your land that your puppy spends time in, a vaccine against Lyme disease is called for. When you come in to see our veterinarian, she'll talk with you about your puppy's life to make the right decision about non-core vaccines.

Call Our Veterinarian in Memphis Today!

Keeping your puppy happy and healthy is your number 1 goal, now that you've got that adorable new fuzzy friend. Our veterinarian in Memphis is here to help you with that goal. Call today to make an appointment for your puppy's first vaccinations. We have multiple offices including Germantown at 901-654-3110, Bartlett at 901-373-9496 and Cordova at 901-512-4597. We look forward to meeting with you!

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