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ASPCA's Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Celebrate ASPCA's Adopt a Shelter Dog Month in October With Our Memphis Veterinarian At PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals

Did you know that each year approximately 3.3 million dogs wind up in shelters across the United States? That's a staggering number, but it's actually an improvement. According to the ASPCA, the number was 3.9 million dogs in 2011. The decline is thanks in part to initiatives that raise awareness for shelter adoptions. That's why we're celebrating the ASPCA's Adopt a Shelter Dog Month in October at Our Memphis veterinarian, PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals. We encourage you to join the cause and don't forget to bring your new dog in for a wellness exam.

Support Memphis Pet Adoption

If you've been thinking about adding a dog to your family, now's the time! Visit a local shelter, spend time with the cuddly canines and bring one (or two!) home if the fit is right. But if you can't adopt, you can still support Memphis pet adoption.

  • Join the #31DaysofRescueDogs campaign on social media where you post a pic of your favorite rescue pooch for 31 days and encourage friends to donate $1 a day.
  • Share links to local Memphis pet adoption events during October and consider volunteering.
  • Donate goods to shelters. Visit their websites to see what types of blankets, toys, food, and treats they need.

New Dog Vet Care

Did you recently adopt a dog? Congratulations! To ensure your pup starts his or her new life on the right paw, come in for a nose-to-tail wellness check. We have different services for dogs and puppies to meet their individual needs.

Our puppy services include the low-cost combo vaccine for Distemper, Parvo, and Corona, as well as deworming and fecal tests for puppies as young as 6 to 8 weeks old. We also offer heartworm prevention and additional vaccines, such as Bordetella and rabies, once your puppy reaches the appropriate age.

Contact Our PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals For Appointments!

We'd love to meet your new pup or say hello again to your old one! Call us today for an appointment with our veterinarian in Memphis, PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals: 901-654-3110.

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