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Happy Cat Month!

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Celebrate Cat Month with PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals in Memphis, TN

Did you know that September is National Happy Cat Month? Here at PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals, our Memphis veterinarian is here to provide all the health and wellness services you need to make sure your feline friend is happy and healthy not just in September, but all year-round.

What Is National Happy Cat Month?

National Happy Cat Month is hosted by the CATalyst Council and is divided into four weekly celebrations. Week one is all about cat health, whereas in weeks two, three, and four are dedicated to enrichment, happiness in multi-cat households, and valuing your cat respectively. All too often, cats suffer from the stigma that they are isolated and aloof creatures. In reality, cats have very complex emotions, and they require care and love just like any other pet in order to lead a happy life.

During Happy Cat Month, then, cat owners are encouraged to take the time and make sure their cats are being properly cared for. If your cat hasn't had a wellness exam in more than a year, this would be a great time to schedule one with our vet. During this time, we can also get your cat up-to-date on any necessary vaccines and run diagnostic tests based on your cat's unique risk factors. We believe that a healthy cat is a happy cat, so keeping up with this type of routine preventative care is one of the best ways to keep your kitty content.

In addition to scheduling your cat's wellness appointments, you might also consider treating your cat to a new toy, some extra play time, or a can of her favorite wet food throughout Happy Cat Month.

Schedule Wellness Services with PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals Today!

If your cat is due for any wellness services, our Memphis veterinarian is taking appointments through September and beyond. You can schedule a veterinary care appointment with our team at PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals by calling our office at (901) 654-3110 today.

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