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Pet Dental Month!

Pet Dental Month in Memphis

Pet Dental Month in Memphis

The month of February is Pet Dental Month, and we're celebrating it at PetVax Complete Care Centers serving the Memphis, TN area. Now is the perfect time of year to schedule a comprehensive dental exam and cleaning. Our veterinarian team has extensive experience and training to help make sure every dental visit goes as smoothly as possible. 

5 Things Our Memphis Veterinary Staff Wants You To Know About Dog & Cat Dental Care

  1. Taking care of your pet's dental health is taking care of your pet's total health. In fact, there's evidence to say that keeping your pet's gums and teeth healthy can actually extend its life! Of course, staying on top of your animal's dental health also helps her avoid the pain (and you the cost!) of issues like gum disease and infections. 
  2. Knowing the signs and symptoms of pet dental disease is important for you as a pet owner. While a dental health issue can occur even with no signs, always be on the lookout for things like foul breath, broken/loose/discolored/missing teeth, very pale or very red gums, bleeding gums, lumps and bumps, difficulty eating, and decreased appetite.
  3. We recommend bringing your animal in for a full dental exam and cleaning once per year. This allows our team to monitor any changes to your animal's dental health, catch early signs of potential problems, and provide necessary interventions as timely as possible.  
  4. We use anesthesia for all our pet dental services. Why? Sedating your animal 1) keeps your pet calm and comfortable, 2) keeps our staff members safe, and 3) allows our staff better access to your animal's entire mouth so they can do a thorough job. 
  5. There are plenty of things you can do at home in-between pet dental visits at one of our veterinary clinics. Ask one of our friendly staff members for recommendations on pet-safe chew toys, dental hygiene products, and tooth brushing techniques.

Are you ready to schedule a pet dental appointment for your cat or dog?

Contact our Memphis, TN veterinarian team now to get your beloved companion into one of our several PetVax Complete Care Center locations at your earliest convenience. Our number is 901-654-3110.

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