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Spay & Neuter Surgery for Memphis, Germantown, Bartlett and Cordova Pets

You may love puppies and kittens -- but if "the more the merrier" doesn't realistically apply to your household, you're probably considering spay or neuter surgery for your pet. But did you know that this form of sexual sterilization also provides major health and wellness benefits for your special friend? Here at PetVax Complete Care Centers, our experienced team recommends spay and neuter pet surgery for Memphis, Germantown, Bartlett and Cordova animals for that very reason.

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Preventative Wellness Benefits of Spay & Neuter Surgery With Your Memphis Veterinarian

Spay and neuter surgery involves two well-understood, routine procedures -- ovariohysterectomy, the removal of the internal female reproductive organs (spaying), and castration, the removal of the male animal's testes (neutering). The most obvious benefit of these procedures is contraception. Pet overpopulation is a huge problem for overstressed animal shelters,and the sad result is often the destruction of many pets who cannot find a forever home. If your own household is overrun with puppies or kittens, you may have no choice but to give some or even all of them up to an uncertain fate. Sterilization is a humane way of preventing this outcome.

But spay and neuter surgery also aids the animal who receives the procedure. Removal of the reproductive organs can convey the following important benefits:

  • Cancer risk reduction - Spay and neuter surgery significantly reduces your pet's lifetime cancer risk by removing the source of reproductive cancers, including ovarian, testicular and uterine cancer. By lowering the production of reproductive hormones, these procedures also slash the risk of breast and prostate cancers.

  • Safer behavior - When pets are "in heat" or sexually frustrated, they can engage in aggressive or even self-destructive behaviors such as getting into fights with other animals and roaming into unfamiliar territory as they seek a mate. Without the sex hormones that produce this behavior, your pet will live a safer, happier life. The fact that sterilized pets don't spray urine to mark their territory is another nice behavioral benefit -- at least for you!

Scheduling Spay & Neuter Surgery With Your Veterinarian in Memphis

Don't be surprised if your Memphis veterinarian recommends spay or neuter surgery as soon as your puppy or kitten is old enough to tolerate it. We can schedule the procedure as part of the early-life preventative care routine your baby needs, along with vaccinations and parasite prevention. Any of PetVax's 5 convenient locations can provide spay and neuter surgery, which is administered under carefully-monitored anesthesia.

Your Memphis veterinarian on our team will normally release animals on the same day as the surgery. You'll receive any necessary prescriptions for antibiotics and pain medication as well as instruction on how to observe the wound for any signs of complications. We can also conduct a follow-up exam just to make sure your pet is recovering nicely. Call our animal hospital to schedule spay and neuter surgery at a location near you! We serve clients in Memphis, Bartlett, Cordova, Raines, Germantown and the surrounding communities.

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