Advanced Surgeries

Advanced Surgeries With Your Memphis Veterinarian

Advanced surgeries can save your pet’s life or improve the quality of life in your four-legged friend. Our Memphis veterinarian performs many safe and effective advanced surgeries that help your pet get the most out of life.

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Veterinary surgeons perform a wide variety of operations, from minor tooth extractions to major surgery. They also perform procedures, such as spay and neutering to prevent pregnancy, declawing, and taking biopsies to detect cancer. These procedures improve the life of your pet by preventing unwanted and destructive behaviors, such as aggressive behavior and causing harm to furniture.

Other veterinary surgical procedures are more advanced. These procedures require special expertise, state-of-the-art diagnostic tests, and a fully equipped animal hospital staffed with veterinary professionals.

Veterinarian in Memphis Discusses Advanced Veterinary Surgery

A veterinarian in Memphis performs many types of advanced surgeries that can save life and limb, or improve the quality of your pet’s life. Emergency surgery can resolve bloat, a serious and potentially fatal condition affecting a dog’s stomach. An emergency vet in Memphis can also stop bleeding, remove urinary blockages, mend broken bones and help your pet through a difficult delivery of a litter.

Orthopedic surgery resolves problems with your pet’s bones, joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons. A veterinary surgeon can repair or modify an injured knee, replace or reconstruct a hip joint, or relieve joint pain associated with arthritis.

Dental surgery includes extraction of damaged or infected teeth, which are painful conditions that prevent your pet from eating well. Dental surgery may be necessary to diagnose or treat cancer of the mouth.

Cancer surgery is often necessary in animals with cancer. During cancer surgery, your animal doctor removes cancerous tissue, takes samples of potentially cancerous tissues for biopsy and testing, and performs procedures to improve function and make your pet more comfortable. When your pet has cancer, choose an animal hospital with a Memphis veterinarian experienced in performing cancer surgery.

Neurological surgery is appropriate for the treatment of severe seizures, nerve pain, weakness and other conditions affecting your pet’s nervous system. Your pet may require neurological surgery after suffering from a spinal cord trauma, head injury, herniated discs or a pinched nerve.

Before performing any type of advanced surgery, a veterinarian uses state-of-the-art diagnostic and imaging equipment prior to surgery to determine the best course of action. An accurate diagnosis is essential to safe and effective advanced surgery.

Pet emergencies are frightening for both you and your furry friend, especially when they require advanced surgery. Fortunately, your emergency vet in Memphis provides the care your pet needs and can perform surgery to save your pet’s life or improve the quality of life for your animal companion.  

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