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Your Memphis Area Veterinarian Offers Important Dental Care Services For Your Pet

PetVax Complete Care Centers are dedicated to the total care of your pet’s health. Just like humans, pets depend on their teeth to help them receive good nutrition, and the condition of their teeth can reflect problems with their general health. Your Memphis area veterinarian can find dental problems during your regular visits and determine the best treatment for your pet’s needs.

pet dental services offered from your memphis area veterinarian

Common Dental Problems in Pets

In some animals, tooth misalignments can be present at birth, causing difficulty with chewing and interfering with its ability to get sufficient nutrition. These cases may require extraction of the crooked teeth to help the other teeth align more normally. Another problem that may occur is damaged teeth from chewing hard objects or from accidents. These teeth may need to be repaired or removed to avoid painful chewing. In addition, pets’ teeth can accumulate plaque and tartar, just like humans’ teeth do. This hard substance, caused by bacterial action on teeth, must be removed to prevent gum disease, loosening, and tooth loss. Periodontal disease can release bacteria into your pet’s body, which can cause heart disease or other problems.

Caring For Your Pet’s Teeth

Good dental care should begin early in your pet’s life. If you brush your puppy’s teeth, using a toothbrush and toothpaste specially formulated for pets, you will be removing the plaque buildup that normally occurs. If your pet does not tolerate tooth-brushing well, you can provide dental chews that help to remove this substance from teeth. You can find dental chews are at your local pet supermarket. These measures, along with regular checkups from your vet, will help to keep your pet’s teeth strong and healthy.

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The veterinarians and caring staff of PetVax Complete Care Centers offer experience, comprehensive veterinary services for pets in East Memphis, Germantown, Cordova, and Bartlett. We provide examinations, vaccinations, sick animal care, diagnostic services, pharmacy services, dental care, surgery, emergency treatment and boarding services. We strive to provide superior care at our animal hospital with affordable pricing and walk-in services. Appointments are only required for surgical procedures. We offer these services at a number of locations in the area, including Midtown. Learn why our motto is: “Come for the value. You’ll stay for the care.” Contact PetVax Complete Care Center today at 901-401-6230 for an appointment to have your pet’s teeth checked to ensure better health.

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