Dog Vaccinations

The Importance of Dog Vaccinations

Like humans, dogs are subject to a number of contagious diseases that can undermine their health and can sometimes be life-threatening. Having your dog vaccinated against these common diseases will ensure that they avoid the devastating consequences of these illnesses and will prevent the expensive veterinary care that is needed to restore his health. Generally, these vaccines need to be administered on an annual basis to maintain immunity to diseases. Vaccines are recognized as an effective way to safeguard your dog’s health. Canine vaccinations can be broken up into “core” vaccinations that all dogs should have and “non-core” vaccinations that may be necessary under certain conditions of increased exposure. A veterinarian in Memphis can provide advice on which vaccinations are best for your canine companion.

Dog Vaccination

Core Canine Vaccinations

These vaccinations are considered important to maintain the health of all puppies and adult dogs:

  • Vaccines against parvovirus, adenovirus-2 and distemper. These vaccines are often given in combination.
  • A rabies vaccine is required by most communities in the United States. Rabies vaccine is available in one-year and three-year types.

Non-Core Canine Vaccinations

Other vaccines are recommended depending on the risk of exposure to the animal, that is, how prevalent a disease is in a geographical area or based on the lifestyle of the animal:

  • Parainfluenza, borrelia burgdorferi and leptospira for dogs in areas where outbreaks are prevalent
  • Bordetella vaccine against “kennel cough” for dogs who are boarded in facilities where outbreaks may occur

Are Canine Vaccinations Safe?

Generally, canine vaccinations are considered safe and effective for most dogs. In some cases, side effects may occur from the vaccine, including allergic reactions, soreness at the injection site, tumor at the injection site or immune system problems related to the vaccine. Our veterinarians will consider the general health and medical history of the animal before administering vaccines to ensure safety for your pet. Vaccines have saved millions of dogs from debilitating diseases and death. The risks associated with dog vaccinations are far outweighed by the rewards to the health of these animals. If you have any questions or concerns regarding vaccines given to your pet, a Memphis veterinarian will be happy to discuss the matter with you.

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