Digital Radiography

The Benefits of Digital Radiography for Pets

Radiography (x-ray imaging) has served as an essential tool Memphis veterinarians over the decades. This usage of radiation outside of the visible spectrum allows for interior views of a pet's body, particularly harder structures such as bone. Unfortunately, traditional radiography has also had its share of disadvantages as well in terms of image quality, speed of processing and health risks to the patient. Modern digital radiography for pets represents a giant step forward in safety, speed and accuracy -- and here at PetVax Complete Care Centers, our veterinarians in Memphis is proud to offer this diagnostic technology.

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How Can X-ray Imaging Help?

X-ray imaging introduced a revolution in medicine by allowing health practitioners of all types, including veterinarians, too see inside the patient and diagnose abnormalities without relying on exploratory surgery (or educated guesswork). An x-ray camera emits electromagnetic radiation which passes through soft tissues such as skin while bouncing off of harder ones such as bone. This brings the skeletal structure and certain other structures into plain view. As helpful as the technology was, it took several minutes to process an x-ray image on film -- and if you didn't get a good image, you'd have to repeat the process again. To make matters worse, the amount of x-ray radiation the patients was exposed to was small but not insignificant.

Digital radiography for pets is the new state of the art. Instead of going through the film processing stage, a digital x-ray image is transferred to computer or disk as a viewable data file. This technique conveys several remarkable benefits for our Memphis veterinarian, including:

  • Near-instant availability - Since there's no film processing to be done, our veterinarian in Memphis can view your pet's x-ray images within a matter of seconds. This means that we know right away whether we need to do a "re-take" -- but it also means that we can diagnose and treat your pet's health problem that much faster.
  • Shareable files - Film-based x-rays are large, cumbersome sheets that have to be carried around by hand or mailed whenever you relocate or need to send the images to a different practitioner for any reason. But digital x-ray files can simply be emailed to your new veterinarian or from our Memphis veterinarian to a consulting specialist.
  • Higher quality - Digital x-rays boast higher definition, detail and overall quality than film-based x-rays. The more details we can view, the more informed a diagnosis we can make without having to rely on multiple images.
  • Less radiation - Digital x-rays require much less electromagnetic radiation exposure than film-based x-rays. That means your pet receives a much smaller dose of radiation with each x-ray.

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