Arthritis in Pets

Our Trusted Team Can Treat Arthritis in Pets

Pets can develop the same kinds of arthritis symptoms as humans, with the same debilitating results. If your pet needs help coping with arthritis, bring him to PetVax. Our trusted team is happy to provide pain management solutions for arthritic pets throughout Memphis, Cordova, and Bartlett, TN.

Our Trusted Team Can Treat Arthritis in Pets

Understanding Pet Arthritis Causes and Symptoms

The most common type of arthritis in pets is osteoarthritis. In this progressive condition, joints that have been subjected to everyday stresses over several years begin to lose the cartilage that lines the ends of the bones. As the cartilage breaks down, increased friction in the joint causes chronic pain, stiffness, and inflammation. Large or obese animals may face an elevated risk for osteoarthritis. Watch out for such classic symptoms as:

    • Difficulty standing up or sitting down
    • Inability or unwillingness to climb stairs
    • Lameness or limping
    • Reluctance to being touched or petted
    • Changes in behavior, such as no longer running and playing
    • Inappropriate elimination (due to lack of mobility)

Osteoarthritis isn't the only kind of arthritis that can plague pets. Certain small breeds of dogs may also have an inherited risk for rheumatoid arthritis. This disease occurs when the immune system attacks the joints, causing periods of swelling and pain. Unlike osteoarthritis, which focuses exclusively on the joints, rheumatoid arthritis can also create urinary system problems, kidney disease, muscle wasting, fevers, and lymph node enlargement.

Effective Symptom Management from Your PetVax Veterinarian

Arthritis in pets isn't curable, but its symptoms can be controlled. Your PetVax veterinarian can watch for early signs of arthritis during your pet's annual wellness exams. If we notice the development of preventable risk factors such as obesity, we will make recommendations for treating that problem early. If your pet already has arthritis, we can help him optimize his quality of life through a variety of pain management options. Your pet's arthritis treatment program may include:

    • Weight loss and exercise routines to ease stress on the joints and promote joint mobility
    • NSAIDs or steroids to control pain and inflammation
    • Opioid drugs or surgery to relieve the pain of severe arthritis
    • Supportive nutrition featuring anti-inflammatory foods and supplements

Your Source for Pet Arthritis Care in Memphis, Cordova, and Bartlett

Help your faithful companion keep moving and enjoying his life for years to come. Call PetVax at 901-654-3110 to schedule arthritis evaluation and treatment. We're your source for pet arthritis care in Memphis, Cordova and Bartlett!

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