Allergy FAQs

If you believe your cat or dog is suffering from allergies and you live in the Memphis, Cordova, and Bartlett area, you should contact our animal hospital. We can provide effective results in minimizing your pet’s symptoms. Reach out to PetVax Complete Care Centers to make an appointment with our veterinarian for an assessment. Read over the following frequently asked questions to learn more about pet allergies and how to treat them.


What are the Signs of a Pet Allergy?

The symptoms of pet allergies vary from pet to pet depending on the type of allergy they are dealing with. If your pet has a food allergy, they will likely suffer from stomach troubles such as vomiting or elimination difficulties. If your pet has a skin allergy, they may have skin irritation and excessive itching. This can be visibly seen on the pet's skin and you may notice that your dog or cat bites or scratches at their skin to try to stop the discomfort. If your pet has an environmental allergy, they may have symptoms that are similar to that of a common cold.

How Can I Protect my Pet at Home?

At home, there are steps you can take to protect your pet from allergic reactions. It is important to know the triggers that cause the allergic reactions. If you are unsure about what is causing your pet distress, it is best to seek help from our veterinarian to determine what triggers need to be avoided. Usually, the process of elimination can determine the cause. It is then necessary that you take steps to keep triggers out of the proximity of your pet so it does not suffer from a reaction.

What will a Trip to an Animal Hospital do to Help an Allergy?

Our veterinarian will run tests on your dog or cat to help determine whether it has an allergy. They will also make recommendations to help you determine exactly what scenario causes allergic reactions to happen. In many cases, pets can be protected against allergic reaction outbreaks with medication. You may need to give your pet medication each day to keep reactions from happening. Alternately, you can give your pet medication at the first signs of a reaction to stop it from escalating. Our vet will conduct an evaluation of your pet and assist with proper treatment measures.

Contact PetVax Complete Care Centers if your pet is dealing with an allergy and you are located in the Memphis, Cordova, or Barlett area. Call our animal hospital at 901-654-3110 to make an appointment with our veterinarian or to find out about treatment options. 

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