PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals

At PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals, our highly trained veterinarians and staff are ready to provide affordable, quality veterinary care at one of our five locations. We invite you to browse our site to learn about the many services we offer that will help to keep your pet healthy and happy at all stages of life.

Our Veterinarians Are Here To Help

We have a knowledgeable, experienced team of veterinarians that can provide the veterinary services your pet needs to enjoy good health from puppy and kitten hood to old age. Our technicians and staff love animals as much as you do, and know that every animal is special and deserves individualized care. We work hard to understand the needs of pets and their pet owners. We are always improving our services to ensure high quality and comprehensive care

We Offer Many Veterinary Services

Good pet care starts in the early months and encompasses a broad range of veterinary care to prevent illness, manage health conditions and ensure an active, happy life. To achieve this goal, we offer:

    • Dog and Cat Vaccinations
    • Wellness Exams
    • Parasite Prevention
    • Pet Dental Care
    • Spay & Neuter Surgery
    • General Surgery
    • Sick Animal Care
    • X-ray and Ultrasound Diagnostics
    • Microchipping
    • Management of Pet Diseases
    • Boarding

A Commitment to Compassion and Individualized Care

Since 1994, Dr. Frazier opened his clinic to offer affordable vaccinations and preventative care for pets. The good word spread quickly, and soon, he expanded the facility to provide full-service veterinary care. At each step of this growth, he reviewed the needs of his patients and their owners. Today, PetVax Complete Care Centers offer five convenient locations to serve the pet population. You can always depend on our veterinarians for advice and answers to your questions. When a problem arises, we offer prompt, affordable care that will get your pet back to his or her usual self as quickly as possible.

Make PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals Your Animal Hospital in the Memphis Area

Come meet our veterinarians and staff, and learn why PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals have a reputation for comprehensive care and attention to your pet’s needs, serving Memphis, Cordova, Bartlett, Germantown, Collierville, Arlington, Lakeland, and surrounding areas.  Call PetVax Affordable Care Hospitals today at 901-654-3110 for an appointment to have your pet examined and to learn about the many services that can help him or her achieves maximum health and quality of life.

Meet Our Skilled Team

Learn Who We Are

Our Veterinarians

  • Dr. Janessa Caldwell
    Dr. Janessa Caldwell graduated from Mississippi State College Of Veterinary Medicine in 2013. She is the newest addition to our team of
    doctors at PetVax Complete Care Centers. Dr. Caldwell primarily practices at PetVax Cordova and has a passion for preventative and
    wellness care. Dr. Caldwell is licensed in both Mississippi and Tennessee. We are proud to have Dr. Caldwell on our team!
  • Dr.
    Anna Biggers
    Dr. Biggers graduated with a Bachelors degree in Animal Science from Mississippi State in 2005, then went on to obtain her doctorate from MSU College of Veterinary Medicine in 2008. She lives in Collierville with her husband, Dr. Marc Biggers and 2 children, Allie and Marc Allen Biggers. They have two dogs named Delta and Baxter. Her hobbies include: spending time with her family, bike riding, running, being outdoors, riding horses AND Mississippi State Football. Dr. Biggers is licensed in Tennessee and Mississippi. She performs surgeries at our East and Cordova locations.

  • Dr.
    Dr. Cantrell is originally from Virginia, but as a navy brat traveled a lot. She spent three and a half years overseas in Portugal. Then, she attended high school in Pensacola, FL that offered a veterinary assisting program. Dr. Cantrell attended college at Mississippi State University and completed their veterinary program in 2014. She enjoys outdoor hobbies like fishing, camping, and canoeing with her family. Dr. Cantrell has a bloodhound named Bama, along with two hens, and a rooster.

  • Dr.
    Dr. Anderson graduated from the University of Florida in 1993 and had been practicing veterinary medicine for 23 years. Dr. Anderson joined the PetVax team in 2016 and has respectively earned the position ofSenior Doctor over Bartlett, She loves all aspects of veterinary medicine, especially soft tissue and orthopedic surgery. During Dr. Anderson’s free time, she raises chickens and tends to a variety of animals on her small farm. She who enjoys most all surgical procedures including orthopedics, mass removals, spays and neuter plus much more. Dr. A is one of the smartest doctors we have every had with the most experience, yet is a complete joy to work with and cares for her clients big and small, well and critica

  • Dr.
    Lynn Worley
    Dr. Lynn Worley graduated from Mississippi State College Of Veterinary Medicine in 1994 and began working with us in 1995. She is married to a wonderful husband and has four children. Like all of our staff, she has a deep love for animals, which is evidenced by the large number of pets and livestock she keeps on her family's farm. She loves life and enjoys spending her free time with her family in outdoor activities. Dr. Worley is licensed in both Mississippi and Tennessee.

  • Dr.
    Lynn Svoboda
    Dr. Lynn grew up in the Memphis area and is an active member of the city supporting the city any way she can and especially through the care of animals. Her passion for pets and her clients is evident within moments after meeting her. In her free time she enjoys yoga, biking the Greenline, hiking, theatre, and enjoying quality time with her menagerie of rescued pets. She graduated from The University of Tennessee in 1984 and has 30+ years of experience in both, internal medicine and surgery. Dr. Lynn primarily practices at our East and Midtown Location.


Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Thanks to Corbin at Bartlett PetVax for taking in the baby chipmunk we found in our yard last night. We didn't have a clue how to take care of him and she said she knows exactly the care he needs. What a blessing to find someone to nurse him back to health!"
    D. Johnson
  • "Absolutely outstanding vets, services, prices, and care. 5 of my animals have been in their care over the past 10 or so years, just brought my new baby in yesterday to get his yearly shots :) Thank you for everything :)"
    K. Akari

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  • Germantown
    3650 Southwind Park Cove
    Memphis, TN 38125

    Call for appointment and hours of operation.

  • East Memphis
    4862 Poplar Avenue
    Memphis, TN 38117

    All Doctor's Visits and Vaccines begin at 9am.​
  • Raines
    6515 E. Raines Rd.
    Memphis, TN 38115

    All Doctor's Visits and Vaccines begin at 9am.​
  • Bartlett
    6963 Highway 70
    Bartlett, TN 38133

    All Doctor's Visits and Vaccines begin at 9am.​
  • Cordova
    830 North Germantown Pkwy
    Cordova, TN 38018

    All Doctor's Visits and Vaccines begin at 9am.​
  • Midtown
    1680 Union Avenue Suite 101
    Memphis, TN 38104

    All Doctor's Visits and Vaccines begin at 9am.​


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