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How Often Do I Need To Get My Pet Vaccinated?

Posted on 05-19-2017

Responsible pet owners know that vaccinations are a necessary part of keeping their pets happy and healthy. At PetVax, our Memphis veterinarian team recommends regular vaccinations for all of our ...

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Feline Vaccinations 101

Posted on 05-03-2017

Cats are much like people in that they can transmit illnesses to other cats. Common infectious diseases that can make them very sick and can even threaten their lives. Veterinary science has devel...

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Your Pet’s Rabies Vaccination

Posted on 03-06-2017

Your Memphis veterinarian will recommend a number of vaccinations to ensure that your pet is able to resist the common diseases that can endanger his or her health. These vaccinations are generall...

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The Importance of Spay and Neuter Services

Posted on 01-05-2017

At any given time, the Memphis Humane Society has dozens of dogs and cats ready for adoption. We can all agree that it's heartbreaking to see a homeless animal.  Can we all agree on the i...

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What to do When Your Pet is Hurt or Injured

Posted on 10-19-2016

It can be scary when your pet gets hurt or injured. As a pet owner, it's important to know what to do to protect your pet, and where to go in the event that your pet needs veterinary care. At ...

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