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Affordable Pet Dental Care in Memphis

Many pet owners are unaware of the big impact that pet dental care can have on a pet’s quality of life. Whether you’re a dog or cat owner, your pet needs to get regular teeth cleanings from a veterinarian. At PetVax Complete Care Centers in Memphis, TN, we offer a variety of affordable pet dental care services, to help keep our patient’s teeth in good condition.

Pet Dental Services in Memphis

We offer the following pet dental services:

  • Dental examinations. During our dental examinations, we look at the teeth and gums to find evidence of periodontal disease and plaque buildup. For the comfort of your pet and the safety of our veterinarians, we anesthetize your pet during these procedures.
  • Dental cleanings. Our dental cleanings are a lot like the kind of cleanings you get from your dentist. During cleanings, we use tools to scrape plaque off of your pet's teeth. We provide dental cleanings to our pet patients to prevent cavities, fight periodontal disease and help your pet have better breath.
  • Tooth fillings. We provide fillings for pets with cavities. Our cavity fillings help your pet stay comfortable and avoid infections in the gums and teeth. Tooth fillings can also help restore your pet’s comfort if your pet has been experiencing dental pain.
  • Extractions. Sometimes pets develop painful infections in their teeth. When this happens, we perform tooth extractions.
  • Walk-in services. At PetVax Complete Care Centers, we offer walk-in services for pets who need immediate treatment.
  • Dental hygiene consultations. Sometimes pet owners need help learning how to clean their pet's teeth. We provide consultations for pet owners who want to know the best ways to clean and care for their pet’s teeth.

dog receiving pet dental care

Recognize Signs of Pet Dental Disease

It’s important to examine your pet’s teeth and gums on a regular basis, so you can tell when it’s time to get your pet dental help. The following are common signs of pet dental disease:

  • Bad breath. Pets don’t normally have great breath, but if your pet has very bad-smelling breath, this could be a sign of poor oral hygiene.
  • Loose, missing and cracked teeth. Ideally, your pet’s teeth will be white, straight and firmly in place.
  • Spots on the gums and teeth. Black, brown and yellow spots on the teeth and gums could be a sign that your pet has periodontal disease.
  • Discomfort while eating. Although your pet can’t tell you when his or her teeth hurt, a reduced appetite could be a sign that your pet is experiencing discomfort in his or her teeth and gums.

Contact PetVax Complete Care Centers

If you’re looking for walk-in veterinary services in the Memphis area, contact one of the most trusted Memphis area veterinary hospitals, PetVax Complete Care Centers. We’re proud to serve Germantown, Cordova, East Memphis, Raines and Bartlett. Call us today for an appointment.

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